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Member of the Moment: Kerry Michaels

"Trust your gut. You know your business and customers better than anyone. Sometimes it can be easy to second guess yourself and your decisions when you receive conflicting advice and opinions from others. Over time I've learned (and I'm still learning) how to filter the advice and trust in myself."

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Member of the Moment: Jaclyn Reid

"I am most certainly stronger than I think I am on some days. It is a beautiful thing to have an incredible group of support when being a woman entrepreneur, when you're doubting yourself or when you're celebrating an incredible milestone."

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Member of the Moment: India Christian

"Remember, you got this! Even when you don't feel like you do!"

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Member of the Moment: Janet Casey

"Part of realizing my own potential and expertise was recognizing that I had, and have, the ability to make change within industry culture–that my perspective is valuable and impactful."

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Member of the Moment: Joyce Durst

"Advice I continue to heed is defy limitations and 'think bigger'"

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