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The Women Presidents Organization (WPO) is the premier membership organization for women leaders of privately-held, multi-million dollar companies.

To qualify for membership, candidates must:

  • run their company’s day-to-day management as the CEO/President/Partner
  • have an ownership interest in the business at some level

and their company must:

  • be privately-held
  • reach $2 million (USD) in gross annual sales for a product-based business or $1 million for a service-based business
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The Experience of Membership

Members join professionally-facilitated chapters carefully designed to bring leaders from diverse, non-competitive industries together to share business expertise and experience in a confidential setting. In this safe, energizing environment, members' perspectives can be understood, challenged, and refined. They can validate everything that’s gotten them this far and cultivate new strategies that will take them even farther.

The Chapter Chair Difference

Our proven roundtable facilitation process is designed to spark insights and drive solutions. Our skilled and professionally-trained Chapter Chairs guide meetings and deliver compelling programming. We foster trusting, confidential environments in which women can explore options, weigh alternatives, and gather perspectives. Peers learn from each other’s experiences and in turn, deepen their own capacity to lead.

Membership Levels

There are a variety of membership levels, each customized to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs at different stages of their leadership journeys.



Members join a chapter in their geographic area (or a virtual chapter) with other business leaders in non-competitive industries.


For women who meet chapter membership criteria but live in a region where there is no active chapter or cannot attend monthly meetings.


This level of membership is for those who have had chapter membership status for at least three consecutive years and have retired, sold their business, or received special authorization from the WPO. They receive all benefits of WPO, except chapter meetings, and are invited to special events.


This level of membership is for women who gross over $10 million annually. Groups meet three times per year in deluxe locations decided upon by the group.



This level of membership is available for women who gross over $50 million annually. Groups meet three times per year in deluxe locations decided upon by the group.



This level of membership is for members who have rotated out of traditional WPO membership but who still have a commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the WPO. They serve as WPO ambassadors to recruit new members, act as mentors, and serve as a think tank.

Chapter Locations

In monthly chapter meetings around the world, WPO members forge meaningful relationships with peers who spark insights, drive solutions, and celebrate one another’s successes.

There are currently 147 chapters in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Every chapter is facilitated by a professionally-trained chapter chair, find the chapters and chapter chairs below. Interested in joining a chapter? Contact us.

United States


Phoenix - Karie Montague

Scottsdale - Karie Montague

Tucson I - Kandy Hirsch

Tucson II - Kandy Hirsch

Tucson III - Kandy Hirsch


Diablo Valley - Allison Tabor

East Bay - Linda Graebner

Greater Bay - Allison Tabor

Los Angeles I - Lindsay Shields

Los Angeles II - Vicki Unger

Los Angeles III - Vicki Unger

Orange County I - Debra Valle

Orange County III - Marla Noel

San Diego - Tracy Myers

San Francisco - Teri Eyre

Silicon Valley - Ann Badillo


Colorado Springs - Donna Carlson

Denver I - Brenda Abdilla

Denver II - Brenda Abdilla

Northern Colorado - Becky Robbins


Hartford - Cathy Crosky

Stamford - Jodi Knox

District of Columbia

Washington, DC I - Liz Whitehead


Broward/West Palm - Roz Alford

Miami - Luisa Guzman

Orlando - Cheryl Anderson

Tampa Bay - Lynda McDermott


Atlanta I - Tiffany Alley

Atlanta II - Tiffany Alley

Atlanta III - Denise Smith


Chicago I - Laurel Delaney

Chicago II - Laurel Delaney


Indianapolis - Kathy Pedrotti Hays


Louisville - Rachel Friend


New Orleans - Tina Meilleur


Portland - Juliet Browne


Greater Baltimore - Liz Whitehead

Greenbelt - Liz Whitehead


Boston I - Susan Keller

Boston II - Linda Rappaport

Springfield - Cathy Crosky


SE Michigan - Blaire Miller


Minneapolis I - Myrna Marofsky

Minneapolis II - Debra Arbit

Minneapolis III - Celeste Schumacher

Minneapolis IV - Jennifer Laible

Minneapolis V - Leah Goldstein Moses

Minneapolis VI - Trenda Boyum


St. Louis I - Kelly Ferrara

New Jersey

Morris County - Laura Osborn

Monmouth County - Laura Osborn

Princeton County - Grace Polhemus

New York

Albany I - Theresa Marangas

Albany II - Theresa Marangas

Long Island I - Lisa Rosenthal

New York I - Sandi Webster

New York II - Stephanie Kasen

New York III - Sandi Webster

New York V - Barbara Roberts

New York VI - Debra Flanz

Rensselaer - Cathy Crosky

Rochester - Amy Castronova

Saratoga Springs - Theresa Marangas

Syracuse I - Rita Reicher

Syracuse II - Ariana Blossom

Western New York - Amy Castronova

North Carolina

Charlotte - Susan Parrish

Raleigh-Durham - Susan Parrish

Triad - Susan Parrish


Cleveland - Jeanne Coughlin

Columbus I - Jackie Schetter

Columbus II - Ellen Grinsfelder

Greater Cincinnati I - Tanya Kleindienst

Greater Cincinnati II - Elaine Suess


Portland - ​​​​Brieanna O’Duinn


Greensburg - Wendy Lydon

Harrisburg - Roz Alford

Lancaster - Jayne Huston

Philadelphia - Tiana Clubb & LaJewel Harrison

Pittsburgh I - Gina Kallick

Pittsburgh II - Gina Kallick

Pittsburgh III - Merilee Smith

Rhode Island

Providence - Susan Keller

South Carolina

Columbia - Ann Elliott


Nashville I - Patricia Shea

Nashville II - Patricia Shea


Austin I - Elizabeth Davis

Austin II - Elizabeth Davis

Dallas - Donna Hegdahl

Dallas Uptown - Donna Hegdahl

Fort Worth - Tracy Williams

Houston I - Becky Robbins

Houston II - Becky Robbins


Northern Virginia - LaJewel Harrison


Bellevue - Christy Martin & Mary Jane Pioli

Seattle - Christy Martin & Mary Jane Pioli


Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada I - Laurie Sinclair

Atlantic Canada II - Laurie Sinclair


Calgary I - Dawn O'Connor

Calgary II - Dawn O'Connor

Calgary III - Dawn O'Connor

Calgary IV - Lindsay Recknell

Edmonton I - Jennifer Leavitt

Edmonton II - Jennifer Leavitt

British Columbia

Vancouver I - Sandra Wear

Vancouver II - Joni Tabbiner

Vancouver III - Sandra Wear

Newfoundland & Labrador

St. John's I - Laurie Sinclair

St. John's II - Laurie Sinclair


Ottawa - Nancy Graham

South Georgian Bay - Jill Proud

Toronto I - Barbara Green & Jennifer Rhee

Toronto II - Barbara Green & Jennifer Rhee

Toronto III - Barbara Green & Jennifer Rhee

Toronto IV - Barbara Green & Jennifer Rhee

Toronto V - Barbara Green & Jennifer Rhee

Waterloo Region - Mary D'Alton


Montreal I - Virginie Audet

Montreal II - Virginie Audet

Montreal III - Virginie Audet


Guadalajara - Paola Solorzano Gutierrez

Mexico City - Tere Cepeda

Monterrey I & II - Dora Valdez



Lima - Victoria Florez

South Africa

Cape Town I - Anni Wilhelmi

Cape Town II - Anni Wilhelmi

Johannesburg I - Anni Wilhelmi

Johannesburg II - Judy Sunasky

Johannesburg III - Judy Sunasky


Galicia - Valeria Rodriguez Codina

Madrid - Valeria Rodriguez Codina


United Kingdom

Birmingham - Karen Tracey

London - Karen Tracey

Platinum & Zenith

Platinum I - Linda Graebner

Platinum II - Juli Betwee

Platinum III - Betty Hines

Platinum IV - Kathy Long-Holland

Platinum V - Allison Tabor

Platinum VI - Sue Hawkes

Platinum VII - Anni Wilhelmi

Platinum VIII - Teresa Hargrave

Platinum IX - Laurie Sinclair

Platinum X - Debra Flanz

Zenith I - Debra Von Storch

Zenith II - La Keisha Landrum Pierre

Virtual Chapters

Virtual I - Roberta Goheen

LATAM (Latin America) - Valeria Rodriguez Codina

Virtual Midwest - Annette White Klososky & Donna Miller