Trends for Holistic Wellness

Women business leaders from inside and outside Prudential discuss Holistic Wellness in the workplace and how employers can prioritize wellness in their organization.  

Panelists discussed Holistic Wellness, both for the individual and the workplace, and how overall employee wellness is an organizational priority for most employers. Between 80% and 90%* say wellness offerings help with productivity improvement, employee retention, burnout avoidance, and stress reduction. Also, employees agree that physical and mental wellness impacts their financial well-being and expect their employers to play a role in their mental, physical, and financial wellness.

That was the key takeaway from a panel discussion, "Trends for Holistic Wellness," sponsored by Prudential Financial and the Women Presidents Organization (WPO), which comprises women entrepreneurs and executives who head multimillion-dollar companies. The January 17 event, held at the Prudential Tower and streamed live, was produced by female business leaders for female business leaders and is part of a series of panel discussions on topics that can help women business leaders on various aspects of personal and business wellness.

Since 2005, Prudential has sponsored the WPO and is the organization's exclusive partner for financial wellness, life insurance, and retirement strategies. There are close to 1,500 U.S. member companies in the WPO, averaging 97 employees each.

Panelists included moderator Kirsten Wynn: Chief Innovation and Programming Officer at WPO- Panel Moderator; Dr. Kristin Tugman: Vice President, Health & Productivity and Holistic Wellness Practices, Prudential; Kandy Hirsch – Emotional Intelligence & Positive Intelligence Coach, Chapter Chair, Women Presidents Organization; and Dr. Angela Marshall, MD, FACP – Founder of Comprehensive Women's Health, Inc., and WPO member. The event is part of a series of panel discussions on topics that can help women business leaders on various aspects of personal and business wellness.

The employee wellness landscape is constantly evolving, and there's a growing realization that wellness needs and concerns must be addressed holistically instead of in isolation. Holistic wellness has common threads, which typically include:

  • Health, both physical and mental
  • Societal, created with diversity, inclusivity, and equity in mind
  • And financial, built on education and achieving goals.

It is essential to meet individuals where they are and help them implement plans for making progress. Therefore, the focus should be on the individual's journey, not a pre-defined state.

Other key takeaways from the discussion include:

  • Understand the wellness needs of your employees and what your company can do to support them. 
  • Consider your wellness journey as a business leader and how you can become the best version of yourself.  
  • Think about the resources and approaches that our panel mentioned and how they may help you and your employees achieve Holistic Wellness. Here is a link to get certified for Mental Health First Aid.

Want to learn more? Watch a recording of the panel discussion here. To request information on how to take advantage of Prudential's resources for WPO members, email

*Prudential:  Emerging Trends for Worksite Holistic Wellness, 2023

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