Member of the Moment: Shannon Vander Meulen

Shannon Vander Meulen

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder | WaitWell
Calgary II Chapter


What inspired you to start your business?

I was inspired to start WaitWell because I owned and operated an Alberta Registry office that was struggling to deliver customer service during COVID. I knew that if we could create a digital customer flow, we could improve the customer experience as well as the operational efficiency of our office. I brought it up in my WPO Chapter meeting. The women in my chapter helped me to see that I was the best person to create the product I was imagining. In my seven years as a WPO member, my WPO group has become a source of friendship, support and inspiration. It's a safe place to share challenges and also celebrate success. I have never belonged to a group that was as supportive. I have learned so much about myself as an entrepreneur, as a leader and as a human through WPO. My biggest wish for all women is to have a support system like I have with my WPO chapter.


What challenges have you faced as a woman in business?

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by supportive team members and family throughout my career. I would say the biggest challenge for me has been being a mother and an entrepreneur. At times, my business and my children have needed 100% from me and I've had to make difficult decisions about which to prioritize when time is tight.


How has being a WPO member helped your business? 

WPO helped me to evolve from an "accidental entrepreneur" to a purposeful leader.


What is the best piece of business advice that you have ever received?

Eat the frog. Do that one thing you are dreading and do it first thing in the morning so it doesn't take up mental space in your brain. It motivates me to get one dreaded deed crossed off my list, whether it's a difficult conversation, delivering bad news or finishing a complicated report.


What is your favorite WPO event you've attended? Why?

The Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum in Las Vegas in May 2023 was amazing. I felt so inspired by all the feminine energy and ambition in the room. Not everyone in the world relates to the fire that burns inside of entrepreneurs to build companies. To be surrounded by hundreds of other women who share that passion is truly empowering.


About WaitWell:

WaitWell queue management software optimizes service delivery at busy locations like universities, government offices, clinics, pharmacies, and retail locations. Since 2020, more than 8 million people have been able to access services without standing in line at hundreds of locations across North America by using WaitWell. To learn more, visit