Fostering Holistic Wellness

Employees agree that physical and mental wellness impacts their financial well-being and expect their employers to play a role in their mental, physical, and financial wellness.*

During the 2024 WPO Entrepreneurial Excellence Forum, Prudential’s held a workshop on Fostering Holistic Wellness in the Workplace where panelists shared how leaders can help create a psychologically safe and productive workplace.

Holistic wellness means something different to each and every person and organization. There are common threads throughout, including:

• Health, both physical and mental
• Societal, created with diversity, inclusivity, and equity in mind
• And financial, built on education and achieving goals.

Wellness components are interconnected —an illness can spiral into a mental and financial wellness crisis. Similarly, sustained financial stress can lead to mental and physical health conditions.

Prudential believes holistic well-being happens when individuals and organizations adopt behaviors that result in:

• Improved physical and mental well-being
• Greater equity and inclusion at work and in society
• A sense of safety from decreased financial concerns

Click here to view a recording of the workshop learn more.

To learn more about how Prudential can help you support your employees on their financial journey as well as other aspects of Holistic Wellness and to request access to the Prudential WOW program for WPO, email, or to learn more about the WOW program for WPO members, visit

*Data based on John Hancock Research, Another rising cost for employers: financial stress. February 2022