The 2021 Women 2 Watch

The WPO is proud to announce the Women 2 Watch of 2021, sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking. The list features the fastest-growing WPO members from around the world who are experiencing significant revenue growth as they reach new levels of success.

We are excited to highlight the impact these diverse and vibrant women-owned and -led companies have on the WPO and the global economy through the jobs they create and communities they serve.

To qualify for the ranking, businesses must have applied for the 2021 50 Fastest Growing Women-Owned / Led Companies™, be WPO members in good standing, privately held, woman-owned or -led, and must have reached annual revenues of at least $500,000 in each of the past five years. In addition, WPO Members must be running their company’s day-to-day management as the CEO/President/Partner, with at least $2 million in annual revenue ($1 million for service-based businesses).

WPO Chapter
1. Asma Ishaq Modere Zenith I
2. Andrea Wagner Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing Platinum V
3. Snejina Zacharia Insurify Inc. Boston II
4. Merrilee Kick BuzzBallz/Southern Champion Platinum VI, Zenith I
5. Aisha Yang Herbaland Naturals Inc. Vancouver I
6. Jenny Zhu Triangle Home Fashions Zenith I
7. Kara Trott Quantum Health WPO Next
8. Phyllis Newhouse Xtreme Solutions Inc Zenith II
9. Janet Casey Marketing Doctor, Inc. Platinum IV
10. Christine Meyer Battaglia Associates, Inc. Platinum IV
11. Giselle Bonzi Washington Capital Partners DC II
12. Elisabete Miranda CQ fluency New York VI
13. Jacqueline Cleary Atlas Data Systems LLC Platinum IV
14. Margery Kraus APCO Worldwide Zenith I
15. Dorian Wagner CatLadyBox Broward/West Palm
16. Dao Jensen Kaizen Technology Partners Platinum VII
17. Monica Hernandez MAS Global Consulting, LLC. Tampa Bay
18. Elisa Hamill LifeHealth LLC Denver II
19. Alejandra Leibovich How to Manage Enterprises Miami
20. Renee Roth-O'Neil Tech Valley Talent Albany I
21. Denise Garcia Van Wyngaardt Indigo IT, LLC Platinum V
22. Shana Cosgrove Nyla Technology Solutions Greater Baltimore
23. Gwen Martin Evolution Group of Companies Vancouver II
24. Lei Wang The Lotus Group LLC Platinum I
25. Margaret Smith Cassier Airosmith, Inc. Saratoga Springs
26. Sarah Robertson  AtoZ Media Inc Platinum IV
27. Brittany Burns Simpler Trading Austin 
28. Marilyn Stovall FitzGerald TransChemical, Inc. St Louis II
29. Valarie Dock Bolana Enterprises, Inc. Greenbelt
30. Delaina Curry-Allen Recruiting Source International, LLC Houston
31. Lauren Asghari Alderson Loop Greater Baltimore
32. Deborah Mayberry The Bowen Group Platinum VIII, DC I
33. Dolores Guevara Farmacia Universal S.A.C. Lima
34. Claudia Mirza Akorbi Zenith II
35. Victoria Vasques Tribal Tech, LLC Platinum VIII
36. Mary Kariotis Merrimak Capital Company LLC MAL
37. Mary (Mickey) Swortzel New Eagle Consulting Platinum V, SE Michigan
38. Shelley Stewart Red Promotions Bellevue
39. Katie Neilson Assure Platinum IV
40. Nicole Pawczuk Blue Chip Talent SE Michigan
41. Jodi Scarlett ProStar Cleaning and Restoration Inc Platinum VI
42. Jillian Gibbs Advertising Production Resources Platinum V
43. Leslie Zinn Arden's Garden Platinum VIII, Atlanta I
44. Jennifer Smith Innovative Office Solutions Minneapolis I
45. Lauren Nichols 3G Warehouse, Inc. Long Island II
46. Brenda Ritter Info-Matrix Corporation Harrisburg
47. Lori Vucish Albright Stellar Precision Components, LTD. Greensburg
48. Shari Verrone Stackable Sensations NJ II
49. Carrie O'Donnell O'Donnell Learn Stamford
50. Denene Rodney Zebra Strategies NY V